Gun Owners Radio is hosting a private screening of the documentary ‘The Plot Against the President,’ June 10th in Orange County and June 11th in San Diego. Join our Q&A session with Director, Amanda Milius and Kash Patel. Buy your tickets today:

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Our very own firearms Lawyer John Dillon gets us up to speed about the 2015 court case Caniglia v. Strom and answers the question; Does the “community caretaking” exception to the Fourth Amendment’s warrant requirement apply to searches of the home?

Caniglia v. Strom

Old-school gunsmith David Chong from AO Sword Firearms in El Cajon educates us all about what to look for in a gun safe and that you “Get what you pay for” when it comes to the safety of your firearms. Stick around as David lets us in on some of his tips, on how to properly mount your gun safe and the best way to minimize the chance of your gun safe getting hacked.

Executive Director of Riverside County Gun Owners, Karen Wood tells listeners about The #NotMeRC movement and Riverside County Gun Owners initiative to stop sexual assault and end domestic violence. The sad reality is that the prevalence of these crimes is increasing. As part of their effort to end this crisis, RCGO is providing assistance for any woman who owns or would like to own a firearm, seeks training, and/or would like to apply for a CCW (Conceal Carry Weapons Permit).

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Ghost guns have been in the news a lot lately, the democrats want them banned, apparently, criminals can’t live without them! Joe Drammissi peels away the onion layers on the term and reveals to us what’s really behind the spooky name.

Are you looking for a do-all backpack that is equally home within an office, traveling for the weekend or hiking? Our in-house gear reviewer Melissa Lee, has been raaaaaving about this 3V Gear backpack. Watch as Joe unzips this bad boy to find the 15 hidden bullets that Melissa has tucked away in its many pockets and compartments.

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We give NCCA a huge thanks for being a long-time supporter and 10-ring sponsor of Gun Owners Radio. NCCA exists to serve the 2nd Amendment Community by providing a nationwide network of 2A advocates, offer elite self-defense and concealed carry training from the Nation’s top instructors, and provide rock bottom prices on the best selection of gear and accessories. Taylor Wood tells us why CCW permit holders should become an NCCA member and all the amazing benefits.

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MIKE DROP – San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria

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