• April’s Activism Month! Gun Owners can’t be gun owners without being an activist to help defend and restore their 2nd Amendment rights. Share the show with a friend!
  • Activist, author, instructor, podcast host, competitive shooter and also former drill instructor Amy Dillon joins the show! Learn more about how this San Diego girl decided to join the Marines, became a drill instructor, and how she became a Second Amendment advocate. Learn more about Amy:
  • Did you know about the San Diego Police Revolver Club? Run by retired police officers, the Revolver Club has been operating at the San Diego Police Range off the 94 and Federal, providing gun safety education to police, military, security and the public. Watch this segment with Richard Carlson and learn why the current police leadership ended 80 years of cooperation and abruptly booted the revolver club from the range. #itsnotright
  • Want to have a hard case for your pistols that will last as long as your guns? Watch Joe’s review of Seahorse Case’s 4 pistol case.  SPECIAL PRIZE GIVEAWAY! Join Gun Owners Radio’s email list (https://www.gunownersradio.com/subscribe) and win a Seahorse Case! #MadeInTheUSA  Learn more about Seahorse cases here:
  • Vote for Marco! Watch the interview with Marco Contreras who is the sole Republican running for the 79th assembly district.  If you value keeping your individual right to self defense, vote for Marco!  Learn more about Marco on his website:
  • STUMP MY NEPHEW: Randy from Poway asks: What firearm features a translucent, 50 round magazine that runs horizontally across the top of the firearm and only 2 steel parts?
  • MIKE DROP: Mara Elliot – Part 1 of 2

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