Females are learning firearms for personal defense more and more across the nation. Founder of Legally Armed in Detroit, Rick Ector, has trained women for FREE for the last 11 years.  Local firearms instructor, Alisha Curtin also joins the show to talk about her experience as one of the few female firearms instructors in San Diego. 


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Rick Ector, the founder of Legally Armed in Detroit, shares what he’s been doing to help women learn how to protect themselves in Detroit. Find out how Rick became a firearms instructor and more about his event. Learn more about the event:


Meet Alisha Curtin, one of Discount Gun Mart’s excellent firearm trainers.  The largest group of new gun owners are women, and Alisha is on the front lines of helping women learn to be competent and responsible gun owners. Want to train with an NRA & USCCA certified instructor?  Email Alisha at alishac@discountgunmart.com

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What makes SDCGO different? There are a lot of PRO #2A organizations. Learn how San Diego County Gun Owners was specifically designed to make a political difference in restoring and defending our Second Amendment rights.  Want to help?  Become a member today!


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