It’s the all-Steve episode! Steven Vargas, mayor of Brea, joins the show to talk about his campaign for Orange County Supervisor.  Joe discusses Biden’s second nomination for the ATF head, Steve Dettelbach, and what it means for gun owners.  And Stephen Halbrook, author of “The Founder’s Second Amendment,” calls in to discuss the parallels between Nazi-occupied France and Ukraine.

1:41 – Guest Intros
10:17 – Brea Mayor Steven Vargas runs for Orange County Supervisor
35:06 – UNCONSTITUTIONAL: A National Firearms License
46:29 – Who is Steve Dettelbach and Why Should You Care?
55:58 – Stephen Halbrook on Nazi-occupied France and Ukraine
1:20:56 – How is the first supersonic airplane, the Bell X-1, related to guns?

Get to know the mayor of Brea, Steven Vargas and his campaign for Orange County Supervisor.  Why should gun owners support him? 

The gun control industry never wastes a good crisis. Joe & Dave discuss the latest proposal to implement a Federal gun license. How do lawmakers that propose clear infringements on the Constitution keep their jobs?

“Steve Dettelbach is likely just as anti-2A as Chipman, but he doesn’t seem to be plagued by the screwball factor and character concerns as was his predecessor. This makes the probability of a successful confirmation much higher for Dettelbach than it ever was for Chipman.”  Read Joe’s complete article at

Is history repeating itself? Stephen Halbrook joins the show to discuss the similarities between Nazi-occupied France and Ukraine. In 2014 Ukraine was about to pass legislation on firearm ownership before Russia invaded. 

“Ukraine is an object lesson on why we have the Second Amendment and why we need the Second Amendment.”  

STUMP MY NEPHEW: How is the first supersonic airplane, the Bell X-1, related to guns?

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