What happens when vegan culture and gun culture clash? You get a VEGUN! @Vegan_Danielle, vegan, bodybuilder, and gun owner shares her story.

0:00 – Mental contortions & San Diego County’s new gun regulations
9:29 – Chatting on a hilltop with MILSPEC_MOJO
35:04 – GET-A-GRIP: Making the decision to stay in California
46:33 – When vegan culture clashes with gun culture
1:08:42 – Gun-Grabbing Republican Running For Sheriff?
1:21:20 – STUMP MY NEPHEW: What is the world’s smallest gun?
1:31:10 – Remembering Mark Halcon of American Shooters

Two new regulations went into effect in San Diego County affecting gun owners. If a law is going to be passed, shouldn’t they make sense? Mike & the crew try to unravel the rationale behind these new infringements in our county. Hint: they don’t succeed.

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Don Majillo, aka @milspec_mojo finds some signal and joins from the hills of Las Vegas. Learn how shooting helped Don recover from getting blown up from an IED in Afghanistan and how he rolls today as a police officer in Washington state.

“Dude, I’ll give you a f****** hug if you want one…”

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What’s the mass exodus of gun owners from California doing to the Second Amendment Fight? Get a grip with Joe Drammissi! Read Joe’s latest article here:


What happens when vegan culture and gun culture clash?  You get a VEGUN! @Vegan_Danielle, vegan, bodybuilder, and gun owner shares her story. Follow Danielle on Instagram:


Listen as we quickly uncover just how anti-gun John C Hemmerling, candidate for San Diego County sheriff is. It isn’t a big surprise considering he works for one of the most anti-gun city attorneys in the country. 

STUMP-MY-NEPHEW: What is the world’s smallest gun?

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