• Mike, Dave & Joe discuss Biden’s Executive Orders recently unleashed. If his proposals are so popularly supported, why is Biden using Executive Orders?
  • Superstar volunteer John Becker drops in to talk about volunteering with San Diego County Gun Owners. Join John and the rest of the members of SDCGO in fighting for our self defense rights.
  • Travis Clark from Kore Essentials (#ratchetbelt lifestyle for the win!) stops by the show to talk about the SoCal Gear Expo. Did you know there’s a strong community of manufacturers in the Second Amendment space here in Southern California? Join Travis, Kore Essentials, San Diego County Gun Owners and other PRO2A companies at the Socal Gear Expo.
  • Concealed Carry – A right or a privilege? Read Joe’s latest blog post on the SDCGO website.
  • Melissa Lee interviews Matthew Griffin of Combat Flip Flops.  Listen to this veteran’s story on how he launched his flip flop company.  Use discount code MEL25 for 25% off!
  • Michael interviews Lance Cohen about his experience getting shadow banned! Lance’s experience with background check funny business is not right.  Listen to his segment to hear the full story.
  • STUMP MY NEPHEW: Louise from National City asks: What two companies developed the 3 1/2 inch 12 gauge cartridge? BONUS: What decade? BONUS BONUS: What model was it designed for?
  • MIKE DROP: Sean Elo-Rivera

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