The violence against Asian Americans has not been getting better. Wendy Hauffen, Chief Executive Officer at San Diego County Gun Owners, talks about the round table discussion they had with Dr. Raymond Kim, Joey – aka 9 MILLIMETER MUSASHI, and the Executive Director from Riverside County Gun Owners, Karen Wood.

Lenny ‘The Legend’ Magill is internationally recognized. An authority on firearms and expertise in Glock handguns. Lenny talks to us about his unconventional concealment clothing brand UnderTech UnderCover. A compression style undergarment with holsters for both men and women. A less conventional carrying method you might want to try.

In a David and Goliath fight, Army Veterans and West Point officers Jason Mrochek and Matthew Newgent take on the three-headed beast of mainstream media, big tech, and big business with the free-speech alternative to Amazon.

“Back in middle school, my teacher told me that guns kill people… I told her that my pencil failed my math exam”. A gun can no more kill someone than a pencil can pass a math exam. Using the image of a child and a bit of humor is a great way to counter one of the left’s most ubiquitous and dangerous pieces of misinformation.

In man’s battle against one of his oldest adversaries, the common housefly. Joe tests out his new salt-powered fly annihilating shotgun on co-host Dave Stall.

Oceanside voted UNANIMOUSLY to oppose HR127. Councilman Christopher Rodriguez fills us in on the details.


Texas becomes the 21st Constitutional carry state in the Union, but it is also home to HR-127’s author Sheela Jackson Lee. Thank you, Texas for your anti-gun bill. Aliso Viejo’s Mike Munzing introduces the HR-127 opposition proposal. Oceanside and Santee unanimously oppose the most aggressive anti-gun legislation ever.

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