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September 13, 2022

Vote for Amanda Suffecool for NRA Board of Directors

Whether you support the NRA or not, it is the biggest organization that advocates for Gun Owners’ rights. Amanda Suffecool joins the show to talk about her campaign to join the NRA Board of Directors.


9:24 – Be cool & VOTE Suffecool for the NRA Board
22:09 – Ratchet Belt Livestyle For the WIN
35:20 – David Yamane & the Sociology of Guns
1:19:56 – What was the first commercially produced .22 LR caliber pistol?

Amanda Suffecool, Eye on the Target Radio host, Concealed Carry Fashion Show organizer, and DC Project leader, calls in to talk about her campaign for the NRA board.

Have you tried a ratcheting gun belt yet? Alisha reviews the gun belts from Kore Essentials, on of Gun Owner Radio’s favorite San Diego companies.

David Yamane has been teaching the ‘Sociology of Guns’ for the past 8 years. Learn about how this professor at Wake Forest University is helping students learn the truth about guns and gun ownership.

STUMP MY NEPHEW: What was the first commercially produced .22 LR caliber pistol?

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