Not all 2nd Amendment supporters see the Rittenhouse as a clear-cut case of self-defense. James Elia joins to explain his viewpoint on the incident.


1:02 – Gavin’s Decree on Gun Ownership Demolished
9:18 – Alternative Views on Rittenhouse from 2nd Amendment Supporters
34:37 – Stay-Cool & Enlightened with Melissa Lee’s Gift Guide for Gun Owners
46:02 – Can the Left Support the Second Amendment?
55:24 – San Diego’s Gun Owner Heritage with Marc Halcon from American Shooters
1:20:15 – What’s the most popular rifle in the world?

Destroyed: Gavin Newsom’s latest decree on guns is dismantled by the crew.

2nd Amendment supporter James Elia shares his views on the Rittenhouse case.

Looking for some gift ideas for your gun owner? Check out Melissa’s gift guide from 

Can you support the Left AND the Second Amendment? Get a grip with Joe Drammissi and explore the different sides of the issue.  Read his article on substack: 

Learn about Marc Halcon’s role in the founding of San Diego County Gun Owners. Marc is the owner of American Shooters, Gun Owners Radio’s newest partner!  If you have any questions about firearms, visit Marc at this new shop just off the 67 in El Cajon at 1464 Graves Ave.

Stump My Nephew: What’s the most popular rifle in the world?

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