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January 31, 2022

Where to get a gun in Beverly Hills

Where do you get a gun in Beverly Hills? Look no further than Beverly Hills Guns! Listen to the owner, Russel Stuart, share the story of how he opened the only gun shop in the heart of Hollywood.

0:40 – SDCGO, OCGO, & IEGO Sues California with Firearms Policy Coalition
6:02 – Will the SD Republic Party endorse an ANTI2A Sheriff?
9:51 – How to get a gun in Beverly Hills
35:15 – Why Gun Violence Restraining Orders are BAD
46:15 – Suing San Jose to protect gun owners with Mark Meuser
56:00 – SHOT SHOW 2022 Recap with RECOIL Editor Iain Harrison
1:07:31 – 2022 2nd Amendment Rally in Arizona
1:19:45 – What is the nickname for the Colt Single Action Army?

Russel Stuart, founder, and owner of Beverly Hills Guns shares his story of opening up the ONLY gun shop in Beverly Hills. Need a gold-dipped Desert Eagle? Find Russel’s gun shop online at

Gun Violence Restraining Orders sound like a good thing, right? WRONG. Mike explains why this is bad for your Constitutionally protected rights. Read more about it on the SDCGO website.

“It’s one thing to have a sales tax that everybody has to pay. But when you have a tax directed at a group of people exercising a Constitutional right, IT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL.” Mark Meuser sued San Jose an hour after the city council passed the ordinance requiring insurance and a gun owner fee.

Find out how SHOT SHOW 2022 was for RECOIL MAGAZINE editor Iain Harrison. Also, enjoy some #bullpup discussion.

Are you going to Arizona’s 2nd Amendment Rally on Feb 19, 2022? Mike Sullivan joins the show to talk about the event. Join the community on Feb 19, 2022, on the Capitol Lawn in Phoenix. 1700 W. Washington Street, 10am – 2pm. Bring the family! Enjoy speeches from friends of the show John Correia, Chris Cheng, Ashley Hlebinsky, Ursula Williams, and MORE!

STUMP MY NEPHEW: What is the nickname for the Colt Single Action Army?


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