308 Tactical Firearms Training

308 Tactical is a National team of professional instructors with current and past involvement in Law Enforcement, SWAT, MIL, Executive Protection, and GOV providing firearms training and consulting services to Private, Public, LE, MIL, and GOV entities. We are professionals with a passion for passing along our knowledge and training to others, especially when protection and safety is a primary concern. We provide Concealed Carry and Firearms Courses. We’ve recently added Firearms Sales to assist our customers better. We teach beginners to advanced students proven safety, technique, and defensive tactics for modern handguns, rifles, and shotguns as well as provide concealed carry permit training, safety and certificates for many states. We find today that most gun owners lack the proper safety, handling, and defensive skills necessary to protect themselves, yet alone their family. A firearm can be a dangerous liability, even for the gun owner, if there is no training. It’s just not as simple as pressing the trigger and knocking a can off the fence. Too often we hear “I finally purchased a gun for my home protection”, when they really should have started with a class first, and purchased a firearm second! We believe professional training should be a requirement of all gun ownership and use. Our training concepts always start with safety. Techniques, concepts, and tactics are built upon common principles that we imbed into your muscle memory, much like riding a bicycle. They become subconscious efforts. We break old habits and replace them with proven ones. We focus on the individual at every level, not the group. Multiple instructors are present for larger groups. We have several ranges and classrooms in many states, many with special access to non-public facilities. Some of our classroom only courses can be at your home or office, given the group is large enough. If you are lucky enough to have you own range, we can conduct any class we offer there.

319 Upper Lake Road , Lake Sherwood, California 91361, United States