Family Guide to the San Diego Gun Show

The San Diego Gun Show is a family-friendly event. The Second Amendment is all about your right to protect yourself and your loved ones. So why not bring your loved […]

EMERGENCY. CCW Related. Please Read.

Hello,I am writing this email with great sadness. I am also writing with determination and motivation. Today, Senate Bill 2 or SB2 became law. Our lawsuit, Carralero v. Bonta, is […]

State of the Second Amendment

Independence Day is a time for everyone in the United States to celebrate this country’s proud history and reflect on how it came to be. For Second Amendment activists, part […]

Obituary for the NRA

Here lies the National Rifle Association; born November 17th, 1871; faded into irrelevance June 1st, 2023. The oldest and largest self-proclaimed pro-Second-Amendment organization is survived and succeeded by the Gun […]

“Nobody Needs an AR-15”

The continuing debate over gun control is an interesting one for many reasons, among them the fact that only one side of the argument actually understands the subject matter. Most […]

Are Gun Grabbers Realizing the Jig Is Up?

The observant among you may have noticed anti-gun messaging start to change as of late. Gone are calls for gun control, now replaced by the same insidious concept under a […]