Try Shooting at a Shooting Social

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Should campaign finance rules apply equally between blue and red campaigns? Want to try shooting a gun?  San Diego County Gun Owner's Shooting Socials are a great way to try it in a safe and friendly environment. Jason from the Gun Range San Diego shares that pistols are becoming more available.  Unfortunately the

How are Butterfly Knives Related to the 2nd Amendment?

By |2020-09-08T06:08:16-07:00September 8th, 2020|Activism|

Our intrepid firearms attorney, John Dillon talks about the recent amicus brief that he filed in support of defending people's rights to own butterfly (or balisong) knives in Hawaii. How is it related to the 2nd Amendment? Watch the video segment and find out.

When Does a Citizen Have a Duty to Act?

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John Dillon talks about the 2nd Amendment fight in Hawaii, filing an amicus brief to protect butterfly knives. Find out how it's related to firearms. Jim DeBello, candidate for Congress joins the show to talk about his campaign. Jason Stevens talks up the Shooting Socials at the Gun Range San Diego. Latest from the