1 Million Moms Against Gun Control’s Mary Callison

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Have you heard of ONE MILLION MOMS AGAINST GUN CONTROL? Mary Callison joins the show and shares how they’re battling Bloomberg and Moms Demand Action to protect MOM’s self defense rights! Learn about her gut-wrenching story that drives her 2nd Amendment activism.  Find out more about 1

Meet 2A Advocate Amy Dillon

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Activist, author, instructor, podcast host, competitive shooter and also former drill instructor Amy Dillon joins the show! Learn more about how this San Diego girl decided to join the Marines, became a drill instructor, and how she became a Second Amendment advocate. Learn more about Amy: Excerpt from Episode

HR 8

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Mike & the crew discuss HR 8, the bill that just passed the house requiring background checks for all gun buyers and extend the time the FBI has to vet those flagged by the National Instant Check System. LIKE, SUBSCRIBE & SHARE to help us make 2A Activism easy! Subscribe

Riding Shotgun with Charlie

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Charlie Cook from Riding Shotgun with Charlie and GunGram fame talks with Michael about music, teaching, and family. Are you following his stagecoach? Like, subscribe & share to help get the truth out about gun ownership! Thank your Magpul for sponsoring this video!