What did 2A activism typically look like before SDCGO?

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What did 2A activism typically look like before SDCGO? The fight to defend and restore the Second Amendment is a BIG ONE. Sometimes it’s hard figuring out what the difference is between all the different Second Amendment organizations. What makes Gun Owners Radio different? Excerpt from Episode 255: June 27th, 2021

Problem Asian Pacific American Gun Owners Association solves

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Over the last year or so, violence against Asian Americans has become a thing, which sucks! There is a group that makes it easier for Asian Americans to defend themselves. Asian Pacific American Gun Owners Association Excerpt from Episode 256: July 4th, 2021 --

Thanks, but no thanks Texas for Proposition HR-127

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Texas becomes the 21st Constitutional carry state in the Union, but it is also home to HR-127's author Sheela Jackson Lee. Thank you, Texas for your anti-gun bill. Aliso Viejo's Mike Munzing introduces the HR-127 opposition proposal. Oceanside and Santee unanimously oppose the most aggressive anti-gun legislation ever. Excerpt from

High School Shooting Survivor Destroys Biden’s Executive Orders

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Welcome back Kaylee Allen to the show! Kaylee survived a mass shooter at her high school and has become a stronger 2nd Amendment proponent as a result of her experience. Listen to this segment to get her take on Biden's executive orders. Follow Kaylee at Like & Subscribe to help