Riding Shotgun with Charlie

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Charlie Cook from Riding Shotgun with Charlie and GunGram fame talks with Michael about music, teaching, and family. Are you following his stagecoach? Like, subscribe & share to help get the truth out about gun ownership! Thank your Magpul for sponsoring this video!

Hanging out with Mrs. Suffecool

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Tickets are back online for COVER YOUR ASP WEEK!  Get your tickets here: The Law Enforcement Training Scholarship tickets are back online!  Eventbrite didn't like that you could win a Glock for supporting the program and helping an officer get FREE training with John Correia.  Learn more and support the

Top Shot Chris Cheng Going Big

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Train with Active Self Protection in San Diego!  COVER YOUR ASP WEEK is coming up on March 16th!  Make sure you get your tickets before they're sold out! Help a cop train with Active Self Protection, win a Glock! FEEL THE BERN! Top Shot Chris

Chris Cate – Somebody Call a Chiropractor

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Does Chris Cate need a chiropractor? “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Like & Subscribe to help get the truth out about gun ownership! Don't forget to share with a friend! Visit for more. Excerpt from Episode 234: Jan 31,

Spark a Conversation with Primer & Co

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Melissa Lee interviews Mary Dixon from Primer & Co. Use the code GunOwners20 for 20% off! Subscribe to the Gun Owners Radio Newsletter and win a T-shirt or hoodie from Primer & Co.! Winner will be announced on the Jan 31, 2021 show. Excerpt from Episode 233: Jan 24,