“Nobody Needs an AR-15”

The continuing debate over gun control is an interesting one for many reasons, among them the fact that only one side of the argument actually understands the subject matter. Most […]

Are Gun Grabbers Realizing the Jig Is Up?

The observant among you may have noticed anti-gun messaging start to change as of late. Gone are calls for gun control, now replaced by the same insidious concept under a […]

“Let Them Fight It Out in the Courts”

This past Friday, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals released a 62-page decision on Cargill v. Garland, striking down the Trump administration’s 2018 ban on bump-fire stocks. Second Amendment activists […]

A New Year’s Resolution for All of Us

As we ring in the 2023, it is customary to look back on the past and set goals for ourselves in the new year. Most new year’s resolutions focus on […]