Second Amendment

Life under gun control in Australia

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Get your Cover Your ASP Week tickets before the early bird pricing goes away! David Brown, Vice President of the Shooters Union Australia joins the show from down under. Perry Yee joins the show to share what's going on at Active Valor, his non-profit that connects veterans with Gold Star families. 

Massad Ayoob Second Amendment Foundation

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Massad Ayoob talks about his new position as the president of the Second Amendment Foundation, the elections, and the civil unrest around the country. Jerry Shiller from the Lemon Grove Rod & Gun Club stops by to talk about Youth Trap Joe Drammissi runs down the differences between the Trump tickets vs. the Biden

The Analogy with Voting Reveals a Concern

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A Guest Post by Lucas J. Mather, Ph.D., Orange County Gun Owners Board Member I’ve written here before cautioning our use of words in Second Amendment activism (See A Caution About Words in Second Amendment Activism). We need to be as concerned with cr...

When Does A Citizen Have A Duty To Act? – Kyle Rittenhouse and Kenosha

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Many of you are probably familiar with the shooting incident in Kenosha, Wisconsin involving seventeen year old Kyle Rittenhouse. For those who are not, Kyle was part of a group that volunteered to help protect lives and property during the recent riot...

Why Americans Continue to Arm Up

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The recent arming up of Americans began in late April with the first word of the COVID-19 virus. Early on, the government listened to the “experts” and their dire predictions of rapid spread and high fatalities. The fear mongering, gleefully perpetuate...