CCW USA Firearms Training is a defensive solutions training company located in San Diego County, California. CCWUSA offers template as well as custom solutions for all of your gun safety, weapon handling, tactical firearms training, and Multi-State Concealed Carry Permitting needs.

Meet William ‘Bill’ Desy, CFE:


Bill Desy here; Owner and Director of Training for CCW USA Firearms Training. I invite you out to one of our local Gun Safety, CCW Permit, or Defensive Range Training classes here in San Diego County. Please contact me directly to discuss your specific training needs, and how CCW USA can be your solution for CCW Permits, Mindset, Gun Safety, and Tactical Range Training for you and your entire family. Learn what it means to be “Switched On” to Gun Safety, improve your Gun Handling and Marksmanship Skills, developing your “Survival Mindset, all while learning “Real World” Defensive Shooting methods that could save your life or the life of a loved one.

Escondido, California , United States