Personal Protection Academy LLC

Protection in your hands.

Personal Protection Academy LLC is owned and operated by a team which desires to bring integrity and their Christian faith to everything they do.

California has seen an explosion of first-time gun owners in recent years. However, we have been saddened to see so many new gun owners put those shiny new handguns in a locked box in their closet and never practice.

A gun is a beautiful tool, but not knowing how to use that tool is irresponsible. We want to put power and knowledge in your hands so you can protect yourself and the ones you love.

Our team loves the 2nd amendment and the shooting community, but we don’t love the stereotypical arrogant gun guy who intimidates novice gun owners. We want to be your kind and knowledgeable bridge into the world of self-protection and self-reliance.

24046 Clinton Keith Road , Wildomar, California 92595, United States