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The CCW process has been long and hard to obtain a permit. However, there has been new changes for all the wish to obtain their CCW. Before you needed a good reason to be able to carry a firearm for protection. Your good cause statement only needs to say one or the other. Personal Protection, Self-Défense, or simply put N/A on your application. Our CCW seminar helps prepare you for the process.

SD County California CCW Initial Firearm Course

This course covers everything you need to obtain your first CCW permit, including the laws of concealed carrying of the firearm, the use of deadly force, avoidance of deadly force, the de-escalation of force and civil and criminal liability, firearm familiarity, operations, maintenance, and four basic safety rules, range safety, and home firearms safety. This course includes a lecture, practical application (range time), and a written exam.

*Be sure to apply at San Diego County Sheriff’s Department first

Service Area

  • Orange County, CA
  • Riverside County, CA
  • Ventura County, CA
  • San Diego County, CA
  • San Bernardino County, CA
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