Tap, Rack, Bang LLC

Our CCW course goes beyond mere compliance with the minimum requirements and is thoughtfully designed to surpass the benchmarks established by law enforcement agencies.

Its purpose is not only to fulfill the training prerequisite, but also to equip you for practical situations you might encounter.

Given the significant implications involved, would you be willing to jeopardize your freedom or personal safety by settling for basic training? Or would you prefer to possess the genuine capability to ensure your safe return to your family?

Tap Rack Bang is commonly known as the immediate action drill for when a gun malfunctions. when trained properly, this skill becomes instinctual. We at Tap Rack Bang (TRB) aim to help people safely learn how to use firearms for personal and home defense. we provide training on a consultation basis, thereby providing on-on-one service in a discreet and comfortable environment. Our goal is to help people become so proficient, their response is simply an immediate action.

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