Training For The Fight

I provide services to keep folks as safe as possible. In their homes and businesses, while out traveling, playing or in any environment where there is a potential for danger. Awareness, threat assessment, decision making, tactics and aftermath. In each category I breakdown and discuss each potential option, decision and outcome.


Established in 2021.

After I retired from the Police force I began a new career in instructing. Based on a career full of experiences, good and bad, I decided my obligation was to help folks stay as safe as possible. Be it personal safety, business related or even in a professional setting, I have the skillset and experience combined with the resources necessary to navigate any possible incident with a positive outcome. Having been a survivor of multiple critical incidents, I am a subject matter expert in many of the survival, tactical and basic life saving fields.

Retired Police Officer, Chris Hoyer is a protector, survivor and advocate for mental, physical and emotional wellness.

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