Triple B Adventures

Triple B Adventures is a registered 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to reconnecting veterans with their brothers and sisters. Through outdoor retreats, we give veterans a sense of belonging they may have lost since transitioning out of the military. Our “Campfire Therapy” includes hiking, fishing, camping, and excursions aimed at restoring our warriors body, mind and soul. We aim at giving them camaraderie and purpose once again in an effort to continue our promise that ‘no one gets left behind.’ If you need camping gear they will assist you!

Camping: Every single month through out the year, Triple B Adventures holds a retreat to ensure veterans have something to look forward to and recharge for a couple days with friends, veterans and family.

Campfire Therapy: The smell of the campfire, the sound of laughter, and the expression of one to others. This is how Triple B Adventures helps veterans address issues they face. Campfire therapy is a place for veterans to open up about their struggles and receive help from others around the fire.

6906 MIRAMAR ROAD C101 , San Diego, California 92121-2666, United States