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CCW – CCW Renewal

This is an advanced shooting course designed to teach the skills, knowledge and mindset to carry a concealed weapon in public. This course satisfies the San Diego County Sheriff Department requirement for Concealed Carry Training. The course will focus on local and state laws, the levels of awareness, avoidance, decision making when dealing with violent encounters, the importance of accuracy and shooting with a concealed firearm.

Prerequisites: Students must  be completely competent in all areas of their handgun.  This is an advanced course. Students should be able to hit 16/20 at 5 yards in 45 seconds with the primary firearm brought to class on an 12″ round target. Recommend that students have shot roughly 500 rounds through their firearm and have some experience drawing from a holster.

Time: 4-5 hours in the classroom and 4 hours on the range for full CCW

Renewals are 4 hours total.

Equipment Needed: Personal Firearm
Belt mounted holster optional – designed for your primary model gun.
Proper belt to hold the weight.
Minimum 2 magazines Minimum 2 snap caps for your firearm
250 rounds of target ammo

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